Welcome, our first post!

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog.

Sheelan and I recently graduated from the MA Cultural Policy and Arts Management program at University College Dublin. I (Val) am American, with Polish ancestry. Sheelan is Iranian turned Irish citizen. I am in Chicago, Sheelan in Dublin. Prior to our graduate program, I did theatre programming and development, Sheelan did middle-eastern culture festivals and tour leading through Science Gallery Dublin. In undergrad, I studied International Business and Theatre, Sheelan studied Genetics. We both love Arts and Culture! Here, we’ll be talking about happenings, policies, events. Follow along over the next few weeks and see what we have to say.

A couple upcoming posts:

– Chicago has recently designated 2017 as the year of Public Art. Val provides a little history and a little commentary on what this means.

– Dublin recently hosted an event detailing its new plans for the Arts Council. Sheelan breaks this down for us and gives us a summary.

– In the US a new president has been sworn in, and brings with him new plans for the funding of the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities (the NEA and NEH). Sheelan and I co-author a post about our thoughts on this, what it means for artists in the US and abroad.

We hope you enjoy. Comments, suggestions, questions can all be sent to comparativecultureblog@gmail.com, or can be posted directly on the blog. Talk soon!

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